This is a reboot of the site…and I am seriously disappointed in how I wrote this…but if I wait any longer…I’ll never do it.  So here goes. Thanks for dropping in! ~AK  (There’s a beautiful song at the end as a reward for the visit. ;-))

The good and the bad…they will both move along, and pass away.

At some point the good times will stop rolling, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t appreciate them more.

The bad things will move on without a trace of pity, and you’ll try your best to remember exactly when the sh*t storm ended.

Neither one will announce its departure.

Each one passes away in a seamless blink, and leaves you wondering, “What the hell happened?”

No matter how much you try to anticipate their arrival, you can’t schedule either one on your calendar.  They come and go when they please.

If you’re in a good spot this must sound like a threat.  It’s not.

If  you’re suffering, this may sound hopeful.  It is.

All things must pass…and they will.

So work to keep your brain in the only place you can ever really be:  where you are now.

Flow with it.  Things won’t be this this way forever.

I feel like this recommendation is sound, because I’ve failed to live it a million times over, but when I do…I am free.

One of my heroes, George Harrison sang it simply from God’s mouth to our ears.  Take a listen…and know that no matter where you are at this moment, “this too shall pass.”

Love ya…


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    1. Thank you so much, Theresa! Very kind of you…and of course thank you for visiting. I appreciate it!

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